Advertising Tips

Fundraising Advertising Tips

Almost all of the fundraising events previously mentioned require a great deal of advertisement to be successful. Advertising helps to bring in potential participants, donors, sponsors, and spectators, and you want to pack your event full of a great variety of these kinds of people. Here are ways to help you attract as many people as possible!
  • Call up your local radio or TV station to see if they will let you talk about your event on the air. This will attract all kinds of people who may be interested in the event. Make sure to create a script before going on so you hit all of the necessary information points and don't get thrown off by being on the radio or TV.
  • Local newspapers usually like to feature large community events, so contact them and see if they'd be willing to do a story on your fundraiser. If your fundraiser is small, you can place an advertisement to still get your event down on paper.
  • Hang signs up all over town (as long as you get permission, of course). Ask stores and restaurants if they will hang your advertisements in their window. Don't be afraid to ask all kinds of places—the worst they can say is no!
  • Use social media to attract avid internet users. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram spread information, and fast!
  • Advertise in local colleges and libraries, where there are a lot of young students whose attention you could catch. Students are always looking for fun ways to spend free time (and ways to take a break from studying), so try to pull them in.
  • Word of mouth is a huge way to spread information, so talk up your event to anyone and everyone! You never know who you could reach.

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