Delicious Donating

Delicious Donating

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so one surefire way to encourage people to open up their hearts to CASA is by promising delicious food and drinks! The following events are just a couple ways you can incorporate good food and a good cause. 

Dine Out to Donate
Dine Out to Donate is a low effort, cost-efficient way to engage your community with CASA. It could take place anywhere, from a high end local establishment to a chain fast food restaurant. 

Stage One: Choosing your Establishment
You're going to want to choose a restaurant that you know will be popular and attract a lot of people. Obtain a contract in which the establishment and you agree upon a date and time that they will donate a certain percentage of sales to CASA of NJ. Sometimes, a restaurant will require that guests bring in a flyer or mention CASA in order for a portion of their check to be donated. Try to avoid this if possible, but if you can't, this is still an easy and helpful way to spread the word and raise money.

Stage Two: Flyers
There are lots of advertising tips at the end of this document, but one big possible part of this fundraiser is disseminating flyers. If the establishment that you partnered with requires that patrons bring in a flyer, you need to figure out the best ways to get that flyer out. If you have a website or Facebook event, posting a printable version of the flyer is a great way to make sure interested people have the necessary materials. Other ways to disseminate are standing outside highly populated areas and handing them out, or stapling/taping them up in local areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Make sure that you get whatever permission or permits necessary to do these things, and create a flyer that is eye-catching and succinctly describes the event/CASA.

Stage Three: Dine Out Day!
Decorate your establishment if possible (try red and blue balloons, banners with the CASA logo on them, or lots of streamers!). Then, when it's time for the event, hand out brochures or information packets to anyone interested in learning more about CASA. Attendance is the biggest thing in this event, so try to pull in as many people as you can!

  • Ask your establishment if they would be comfortable with you or a representative from CASA coming in and speaking a bit about we do. It's an awareness raising event as well as a monetary one!
  • Maybe do a special thank you for your sponsor, whether it be a nice card, fruit basket, etc. Showing your gratitude and ensuring a pleasant relationship can help for any future events you'd like to do again.

Wine Tasting
An adult night out with delicious wine and snacks can pull in donors from all over your community. It shouldn't be too hard to attract participants! You can choose to have the event at your home or another location, and it can be any size. Pick and choose from the below stages what works for your specific event.

Stage One: Choosing your Fundraising Style
There's a couple of techniques you could use to fundraise during a wine tasting. One way is by taking direct donations from your attendees. This may make it difficult to make sure your costs are covered at a large event, though, and you may want to only do this for small gatherings.

A potentially more effective way to fundraise is to charge for a ticket into the event (if it's in a large enough setting). Tickets do multiple things that make your event better: they ensure that your costs are covered since you set the price, they increase the appeal of the event by making it feel more high-end/exclusive, and they encourage extra donations (make sure you have an extra donation basket on your sales table). 

Another thing you can do to raise more money is you can hold a raffle, silent auction, or similar activity. Almost all events could accommodate extra games or activities, but a wine tasting is one fundraising opportunity in particular that would lend itself well to this.

Stage Two: Finding the Wine
There are a number of ways that you could procure the wine for your event. The most practical would likely be through a local wine shop who could have an employee attend your event to facilitate the tasting and answer questions. Try to find a wine shop or merchant who has a good deal of expertise and access to the best wines. They could also offer discounts or wine sales right at the event.

Another possibility, if applicable, is to approach local vineyards. They may offer up their tasting facilities and wines for the publicity and sales.

Stage Three: Choosing your Location
This stage is relatively simple. Find a location (if you don't already have one through how you chose to procure your wine) at a decent price that will be able to accommodate the number of people you anticipate will come. 

Stage Four: Holding your Wine Tasting
Make sure that you have plenty of volunteers in order to keep the event moving smoothly. Try to make an itinerary for the night so that transitions between activities (like going from wine Q&A to silent auction) are seamless. Create colorful displays for your wine, and put out booklets or information packets about CASA.

  • A "taste" is about a third of a glass
  • Look for corporate sponsors who may want to donate materials or money to help you expand the event
  • Ask your wine shop for promotional samples to give away as freebies!
  • You might want to think about printing out information cards with frequently asked questions for attendees
  • A special, exclusive event that attendees can purchase tickets to after the main event (like a VIP dessert reception) could help to raise even more money
  • Possible silent auction prizes could be things like books about wine/recipes that compliment different wines, an artisanal cheese package, or a tour of the vineyard.

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