Fun for Everyone

Fun for Everyone
Some events are just a blast for both volunteers and eventgoers alike. While you'll always want everyone who is a part of your fundraiser to have a good time, these events in particular provide an opportunity to really engage the community in a way that entertains all involved.

Car Wash
Car washes are a wonderful summer activity that offers a lot of different advantages. Pick a hot, sunny day and be ready to get a little wet!

Stage One: Choosing your Location/Date
It's very important that you pick a place that has access to water and a lot of nearby traffic. One big plus of a car wash is that if you have big enough, eye-catching enough advertisements on the side of the road, you can get a lot of patrons who may have previously had no idea your event was going on. So, to take full advantage of this, make sure you pick a place that will allow you to bring in plenty of cars from the street, and choose a date that you know there will be a lot of traffic. Early in the day on weekends (especially Saturday) when people are running errands and going out is probably the best time. Also make sure to check the weather.

Stage Two: Supplies 
Here’s a list of some (but not necessarily all!) supplies you will probably need for your car wash:
  • Municipal Permission!
  • Hoses
  • Sponges
  • Buckets
  • Car wash detergent
  • Wash/Dry towels
  • Squeegees
  • Wax
  • Vacuums
  • Lots of good music!
Stage Three: Splitting up into Groups
You're going to want to split up your volunteers into smaller groups: a promotional group (to stand by the side of the road and try to bring in patrons), a sales group (to direct cars, explain/upsell the services you offer, and give prices), a wash/dry group (to wash and dry the cars, of course), and a miscellaneous services group (to do the other services you may offer, like waxing and vacuuming). Give each person in each group a designated duty. Give younger volunteers the more active positions if possible, like soaping up the cars, and keep them away from traffic. 
Also, you may choose to have a bake sale for your drivers while they wait, so make sure you have people manning that table.

Stage Four: Working at the Car Wash
Set up your car wash at least a half hour before you plan on starting. Make sure that everyone involved knows their specific jobs, and keep things orderly. Car washes are fun, but can also quickly become hectic. Since it's hard to predict traffic patterns, prepare to be waiting around for cars for a bit and then suddenly get overwhelmed with patrons. But always keep things exciting with fun, upbeat music. 

  • Discount advanced tickets could help ensure that you have a solid patronage before the day of the event
  • Use this as an opportunity to really get kids involved while teaching them the importance of supporting the local community!
  • Red and blue balloons, big CASA banners, and other decorations are great for attracting drivers while also raising awareness

Outdoor Movie Night
An outdoor movie night is another great warm-weather event that is both fun to attend and volunteer for. Select a movie that will bring in a lot of people, and don't forget keep your eye on the meteorologist's report!

Stage One: Location
A movie night is generally easily run the night of the event, but it takes some advanced thought and planning. First off, you need to find a location. You should find somewhere open, with a lot of space and easy access for moviegoers. Secure permission to use the location in writing, and get event insurance. Rent portable toilets and trash receptacles. Once you obtain all of this, your location is set and you can continue.

Stage Two: The Movie
Next you need to choose a movie. Try to keep your audience in mind: if you'd like to attract families, keep the movie rated G or PG. But, if you're looking to bring in more young adults, a PG-13 movie might be right for you. 
Either way, once you choose your film, you have to get permission to screen it from the movie's distributor and find an outdoor theater company to screen it (they'll likely bring an inflatable screen and audio/visual tech). But, if you don't have the budget for this, you can also hang a large white sheet and rent a projector. Make sure you attach the sheet to the ground with a stake or something similar to prevent it from flying away. 

Stage Three: Movie Night!
Set up separate tables at the event for tickets, snacks, and CASA of NJ information. You can sell other fun things as well, like glow sticks or comfy blankets. Encourage the public to bring their own seats and blankets, though, suggesting things like bean bags or beach chairs. 
Before the movie starts, it would be a good idea to introduce the film and thank everyone for coming. Mention CASA of NJ's important mission and appreciation for their support. Then, relax and enjoy!

  • As with most events, advertising your movie night in advance will help to bring in big crowds
  • Talk to local businesses to see if they'd offset any of your costs/donate anything to the event
  • A raffle may be a good thing to keep people busy before the movie begins

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