Gift in Time

Gift In Time

The Gift In Time Program provides CASA volunteers in New Jersey with quick and easy access to charitable funds for items or services needed by the children to whom they have been assigned. The goal of Gift In Time is to provide funds in circumstances where other funds might not be available due to program restrictions, financial hardship, or virtually impossible time constraints. The aim of Gift In Time is to provide a response to all requests in less than two business days from receipt of your request.

1. Each request may not exceed $100.00.
2. Volunteers may make separate requests for each child they are assigned.
3. There are virtually no restrictions as to what the funds may be requested for. However, we do not usually approve requests for general items of clothing -- if in doubt, just ask. (Remember you need two other signatures on the request.)
4. There are no restrictions as to the number of times a volunteer may make a request but only one request may be made for per child
5. You must provide a firm estimate of the item(s) / services so the check can be made out for the exact amount of the gift.
6. Receipts are required for all items / services purchased.

1. Fill out the application in its entirety.
2. The form must be signed by:
a) You, the CASA Volunteer
b) Your Case Supervisor
c) The Executive Director of your local CASA Progam
3. Fax the form and your estimate to 888-300-7896.
4. After items have been purchased, mail all applicable receipt(s) and short narrative report on the success of the gift to:
CASA of New Jersey
77 Church Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
5. Future requests may be denied if you have not provided receipts for previous grants. The Executive Director or your Case Supervisor will let you know if your request has been approved and provide you with instructions for purchasing the items or services.

If you have any questions, please call Todd at 609-695-9400.

To print a copy of the Gift In Time Application, click GIFT IN TIME.
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