Community Pride

Community Pride

If you're looking to foster a sense of comradery within your town while also raising money and awareness for CASA of NJ, a community pride event would be perfect for you. People love to feel like they're participating in or helping to better the community in which they live, and you can do it in more ways than one with these fundraising events.

Neighborhood Cleanup
A neighborhood cleanup is an event that does a great service for the community while also providing an easy way to raise money. Help the environment while simultaneously helping foster children!

Stage One: Getting Supplies
Supplies for this event are very simple and cheap. All you need is the number of trash bags necessary for your number of volunteers/amount of trash. Check in with your local municipality to make sure that they will weigh and dump the bags for free once you're done. If you'd like, you could also buy your volunteers work gloves so they don't have to bring them. Snacks and drinks are a good idea, too. You could see if anyone in the area would be willing to donate any of these supplies as well.

Stage Two: Soliciting Pledges
The way that you raise money through a neighborhood cleanup is by getting pledges from local community members and business owners. Pledges are tied to the attainment of a cleanup goal, like the number of pounds of trash collected or the number of miles of road cleaned. Put together a pledge sheet, social media, and other means to get people to pledge money. Remember to organize contact information for each person who pledges. Also try to suggest a range of donations, like a penny to a quarter per pound of garbage. If you find a good spot, a great deal of trash could be picked up.

Stage Three: Trash Day!
Have your volunteers meet at a specified location so you can split up into groups. Each group will be designated an area to pick up garbage until a certain time. Once the day is done, have everyone meet at your local municipality to weigh the garbage (if that's what the pledges were based off of). 

  • Tell your volunteers to wear old clothes, preferably in bright colors (especially if you're on the side of the road)
  • Collect only during the day, when there is plenty of visibility and light
  • Bring hand sanitizer!

School Sports Game
 A school sports game is a really fun way to bring people together. Parents love cheering for their kids, and community members like to support their schools.

Stage One: Choosing Your Game
Do you want to fundraise with a football, soccer, or basketball game? Other games are good too, like volleyball and baseball, but try to make sure you pick a game that allows for spectator involvement (you're not going to want to pick something quiet, like tennis or golf). Also choose something with plenty of people on each team so as to get as many volunteer players as possible. Preferably, all of the volunteers will be able to be actual players from the school team of whichever sport you choose. Or, if you'd like, you could also put two school teams against each other in a game other than their game of choice (for example, having the soccer team and baseball team play each other in basketball). Try to choose a game that your community in particular enjoys—you're going to be selling tickets, so you'll want to attract as many spectators as possible!

Stage Two: Halftime Entertainment
A good way to raise money outside of regular ticket sales, donations, raffles, and bake sales (all which will be great ways to bring in donations during this event, too) is halftime entertainment. For instance, you can have people pay to compete in a half-court shot game, giving away a donated prize to whoever can make a basket from half court (try to make sure that only about ten people compete in this, so it doesn't drag on). Or you could do something else. Be creative!

Stage Three: Donations
Be sure to try and get as many things donated from the community as possible. Since this event alone doesn't bring in a great deal of money, you'll want to offset the cost of more profitable things (like raffle baskets and snacks) by asking volunteers to donate. You might even want to ask for donations in your general advertisements for the event.

Stage Four: Game Day
There's not much preparation necessary for this event. Bring the teams in and make sure that there is a referee. You may like to get a host or "hype man" to get the audience excited for the game/add commentary. Set up tables with tickets, snacks, raffles, and other things you are selling. You could even sell school sports paraphernalia, splitting the profits with the school. 

A Cut-a-Thon, not unlike Dine to Donate, is when a local salon or beauty school provide their regular services to the public but donate a portion of profits to CASA of NJ. This could take place for just one day, or over a longer period of time. It's a great way to increase traffic to a local business/educate local students while also helping out CASA!

Stage One: Partnering with a Local Group
If there is a beauty school in your town, it would probably be best to go to them first. They need the practice, and can offer your eventgoers reduced prices. But, if you have a popular salon or one that maybe has participated in philanthropic efforts before, you should go to them. It's all about the resources that you have.
After choosing where you're going to hold the event, agree upon what services (haircuts, hair dyeing, nails, makeup, etc.) they'd be willing to donate part of their profit from. Also discuss the dates and hours that this fundraiser will be taking place. Talk to them about possible entertainment and food they'd allow you to bring in to draw more customers and keep them happy. 

Stage Two: The Event
Since this is a pretty simple event that doesn't take too much preparation in comparison to a lot of other events, the day(s) that it takes place will come up pretty fast. Make sure that everything is in order and let the salon do its thing. If you have entertainment or donated food, have a couple of volunteers who make sure that runs smoothly if you can't be there every day.

  • Consider picking a fundraising goal and putting up a sign in the salon that marks your progress
  • Hand out a CASA pamphlet to each person who comes in to help donate so that they know what they're supporting
  • Make a fun music playlist to play during the event

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